construction technology

Construction Professionals are Embracing New Technology

In every corner of life, technology is becoming more and more commonplace. As the devices we use every day become more sophisticated, they also become potentially more useful in the professional world. New technology in the construction industry has the potential to streamline jobs, make projects more efficient, and increase contractors’ profitability.

construction technology

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering adopting new technology in the construction industry:

  • Construction technology makes management easier: Smartphones, tablet computers, and other portable technology can include applications that make management of a construction project much easier. Apps are available that can support bidding and estimating, that track hours and expenses, and that schedule work times for employees and equipment. This type of control over project management gives managers and supervisors access to important information at the touch of a button. With no more need for complex manual tracking, project management becomes more streamlined and efficient.
  • Some construction technology may require specialized skills: Some new technology in the construction industry is very complex and may require specialized skills, training, or knowledge to use it. BIM and 3D modeling software, for example, provides extremely useful information about a project, but also requires advanced knowledge of how to use the program, retrieve and interpret information, and make changes that support visualizing and planning a project.
  • New technology can be costly: The initial investment in new technology can sometimes be expensive. A construction firm must consider whether or not the investment in that technology is worth it. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment and software will be a waste if there is no practical reason to adopt that technology. If you don’t have cooperation from your employees, investments in technology could also be futile. A tablet computer that never leaves the truck won’t be much good to a construction project.

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