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Learn About the Rise in Modular Construction Projects

As a construction technique, modular construction has long been considered a less-than-perfect option. However, the advantages of modular construction have recently become more obvious, leading the majority of contractors, engineers, and architects to rely on modular construction techniques and prefabrication to boost the efficiency and productivity of residential and commercial projects.

modular construction

Here are some reasons behind the growth of modular construction:

  • Faster project completion: With modular techniques, different components of the project can be built at the same time. The foundation of a building can be built at the same time important components of the building itself are being put together. There is no longer any need to wait for one part of the structure to be finished before starting work on another part. Weather-related delays and similar problems are substantially reduced.
  • Reduced costs: A faster construction time and increased efficiency in putting together a building translates into reduced costs. Fewer specialized experts from the trades are needed since much of the building is built in a factory setting, reducing labor costs. Modular construction can reduce the overall costs of a project by 20 to 30 percent, according to writer Joe Green in an article on the Construction Global website.
  • Faster returns: Faster construction means that a building will show return on investment sooner. Owners can put the building to use sooner, which means that rent-paying tenants will be in place before they would be in a traditionally constructed building. Financing companies and banks will have less risk to worry about and will see quicker repayments of loans.
  • Less waste and pollution: Factory-based modular construction ensures that waste of materials will be reduced and quality control will be increased. Less time in the field means there will be less vehicle exhaust and less noise pollution at the construction site.

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