BIM and general construction

Pros & Cons of Using a BIM Model for your Next Project

Building information modeling, or BIM, is an effective technique for conceiving, planning, and designing structures of any size and complexity. As you decide whether a BIM system is right for you and how BIM and general construction go together, keep in mind the following pros and cons of BIM modeling.

BIM and general constructionAdvantages of BIM

  • Better planning and design: Using BIM, you can visualize a completed building and all its components and systems before the first shovelful of dirt is moved on the construction site. This information allows better planning and design that takes best advantage of available space and resources.
  • Fewer reworks: BIM allows you to see potential problem areas and fix them before the error is committed in the physical world. This reduces the need for costly rework and revision.
  • Savings on materials: BIM systems track and monitor resources and provide detailed information on needs even before construction begins. You are less likely to order more than needed and can replenish supplies only when necessary.
  • Support for prefabrication: BIM allows you and your partners to more easily prefabricate components of the project offsite, which saves time and money.

Disadvantages of BIM

  • Incompatibility with partners: BIM is not yet universally used among construction professionals. There is always the possibility that one of your partners or subcontractors may not use BIM and may not be able to use your models.
  • Legal issues: The legal ramifications of using BIM software have not yet been extensively tested, let alone settled.
  • Cost of software: BIM software requires a substantial investment in new technology. The advantages usually make the investment worthwhile, but only if the software is used to its full capacity.
  • Lack of experts: The relative newness of BIM means that there are limited numbers of experts working in the field. Your software purchase may require an additional investment in training and education.

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  2. Dear Sir,

    I am Serina Albayari an architect who is doing my master degree in Germany in International Project Management and currently I’m writing my thesis proposal and its about BIM but I still didn’t narrow it down.
    I’m trying to find a gad in the literature and find my field of interest. something related to risk management or BIM application by the construction companies (Contractors).

    if you have any research topics suggestion, I would really appreciate it.

    your kind help is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    best regards.
    Serina Albayari

    1. HI Serina,

      How did your master degree go? Im currently brain storming ideas about my dissertation and would love to have a read of your thesis. I currently do work in the construction industry and am considering BIM as a potential topic.



  3. Nice Blog! You are suggested advantage and disadvantage of pros & cons using a Bim is very informative. BIM is an effective technique for planning and designing structures of any size & complexity. I will definitely do this for my project. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Nice article! You are suggested advantage and disadvantage Of pros & cons using a Bim is very informative. BIM is an effective technique for planning and designing structures of any size & complexity. I will definitely do this for my project.

    1. Hi everyone, I’m currently in my last year of degree studying construction management. I have decided to do my dissertation on BIM. If anyone has any useful material on BIM or can be of any help during this journey of mine that will be highly appreciated.

  5. Md. Humayun Kabir Biswas

    Hi everyone, Greetings. I think this is the great place to leave with my research idea. I do believe that all we aware about the emerging power of BIM technology as we are considering it’s as the digitalization process of AEC industry. I am looking forward to start my postgraduate research for optimizing the BIM technology in terms of cost and efficiency.

    It’s would be really great if you are providing your advise, comments, suggestions and observations regarding this and ultimately it would help me to set up my hypothesis more precisely.

    Thank you all in advance and looking forward to receiving your valuable advises.

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