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Improving Communication Between GCs and Subcontractors

The success of construction contractors in Cedar City depends heavily on our local partners, especially subcontractors. To do their jobs well, subcontractors need an open and reliable line of communication with the GC. There are many ways to foster productive communication like this.

construction contractors in Cedar CityGet Off to a Good Start

Create a cheat sheet for your subcontractors to follow when submitting a bid. Outline everything you want to see in the scope sheet that will come with the subcontractor’s bid. This should include the subcontractor’s name and contact information, bond rate, base and alternate bid amounts, and divisions or specifications.

Carefully review each scope sheet before you delve into the rest of the documents. Subcontractor proposals are based on their own interpretations of what work is included and what isn’t, so there’s a risk of comparing apples to oranges. One bid may be cheaper only because it excludes so much.

Hold a pre-construction conference with everyone involved in the project, including the owner, architects, and all subcontractors. Make sure everyone understands the design intent, and is clear on the budget, scheduling, and their individual responsibilities.

During the Project

Successful construction contractors in Cedar City are those who ensure a constant flow of updates among employees and partners in management positions who, in turn, inform their subordinates.

Nip developing issues in the bud by addressing them head-on as soon as they appear. Drawn-out email exchanges waste time and short text messages can cause confusion, making problems even worse. Impersonal exchanges are also more likely to turn into a battle of wills. A phone call or quick in-person meeting will usually resolve the problem more efficiently.

Maintain transparency. It may be tempting to conceal cash-flow problems, but if you’re not paying your subcontractors on time, they’re likely to assume the worst. If things aren’t going as planned, sit down with your subcontractors, explain the situation, and offer a solution. Your show of good will sets the foundation for a win-win compromise.

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