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New “Smart Helmet” from Intel Promises to Make Construction Sites Safer

Your construction site safety depends in no small part on the safety equipment you choose. With advanced equipment like the new Daqri Smart Helmet, you’ll not only improve safety on your site, but also enjoy greater efficiency.

construction site safetyCritical Data in Plain View

One of the most powerful wearable augmented reality devices on the market, the Daqri Smart Helmet provides you with a “4D” reconstruction of your surroundings.

The helmet combines an array of navigation cameras and sensors that work together to capture 360-degree views and display both real-time and stored information relevant to your environment. Navigational guidance, live equipment data, and other valuable data are overlaid directly into your field of vision.

Powering the Smart Helmet is the 6th generation Intel Core m7 processor. Intel RealSense technology allows the camera to respond to movement in three dimensions like you do. Daqri’s Intellitrack, a computer vision and navigation program, collects, processes, and displays the information.

More Information Means Fewer Accidents

While most augmented reality helmets are built for entertainment purposes, the rugged and lightweight Smart Helmet was developed specifically to meet the needs of workers in industrial settings such as construction sites.

The heads-up display lets you keep your eyes on your surroundings, rather than down at a screen. For additional construction site safety, the helmet is equipped with a blue anti-reflective, scratch-resistant visor.

Navigational technology guides you safely through the construction zone, alerting you to potential hazards and advising you on the need for safety equipment, such as hearing protection.

Through the Smart Helmet, you’ll have instant access to job instructions and safety guidelines, reducing the need to rely on memory. The Smart Helmet’s Remote Expert application lets you connect with experienced specialists in real-time to receive knowledgeable assistance with nearly any task. This kind of guidance helps you cut down on errors and accidents while boosting efficiency.

When several workers wear the Smart Helmet, each benefits from the combined data, improving the whole team’s ability to spot hazards and head off accidents throughout the facility.

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