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How Nest is Changing Smart Home Technology

Home technology company Nest is well known for producing some of the most useful cutting-edge devices for the residential market. Now, further advances in some of their most popular smart home technology products are making even more positive changes in how residents control and interact with their environment.

Home Automation

smart home technologyNest’s smart devices offer unprecedented control and automation, integrated seamlessly with other personal technology such as cell phones. Two new features added to Nest’s line of home technology products are making it even easier for homeowners to interact with their devices and enjoy the benefits of connectedness and automation.

In an article in Fortune, writer Stacey Higginbotham reports that Nest will add a way for more than one person to control the residence’s overall Nest account. The second addition uses geolocation to improve the Nest thermostat’s ability to tell if anyone is home and to make temperature adjustments accordingly.

The Nest Family Account allows up to 10 people to control the home’s Nest devices. This represents an evolution in thinking about home technology products that have typically allowed only one user to control operation, Higginbotham observed. The Family Account gives wider control for Nest’s thermostats, security cameras and smoke detectors.

The new feature added to Nest’s thermostats uses geolocation associated with users’ smartphones to determine if someone is in the residence. This technology is more accurate than the sensors and algorithms that Nest has previously used to detect someone’s presence in the home, Higginbotham noted.

Energy-Saving Improvements

This improvement in thermostat function reduces the chance that the thermostat will shift to energy-saving Away Mode even if someone is there. It also removes problems with temperature settings that could result if the thermostat was in an out-of-the-way location or installed in a place where it would be difficult to get accurate sensor readings.

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