Tips for Generating more Construction Leads

If you’re used to bringing in your construction leads through traditional offline methods, it’s easy to overlook opportunities online. These days, online options for lead generation in the construction business are plentiful, and you don’t have to be a marketing expert to take advantage of them.

Create a Blog

Research has found construction firms that run blogs attract over 50 percent more visitors and nearly 70 percent more construction leads than those without blogs. A blog lets you display your expertise, building your visitors’ impression of you as a knowledgeable authority. Regularly adding fresh content also improves your rankings in the search engines, making it more likely your would-be clients will find you.

When you post, focus on topics that will help your target audience make informed decisions. You might compare different types of building materials, explain the advantages of one construction method over another, or discuss emerging trends and new technology.

Leverage Social Media

To help attract people to your website and blog, get involved in social media. Like blogging, activity on social media can also help boost your search engine rankings.

Start by setting up accounts on the four major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Each platform requires a different approach, so take some time to plan the type of content you want to post on each one. Keep in mind that social media is like a cocktail party, not a trade show. Join in the conversation, but don’t directly advertise.

Include Calls to Action

It may seem obvious, but if you want your would-be clients to do something, you have to ask them to do it. To help ensure your visitors move in the direction you want them to, include a call to action on every website or blog page: clear, specific instructions on what to do next. Directly ask your visitors to sign up for your mailing list, “like” you on Facebook, contact you to discuss their requirements, or request an estimate, depending on your priority

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