3 Components of a Successful Landing Page

landing pageWhile targeted marketing is essential for bringing prospects to your website, once you get them there you need to convince them your construction firm can meet their needs. Three critical elements will help your landing page accomplish this.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

What sets you apart from the thousands of other construction firms out there might be obvious to you, but your prospects won’t know unless you tell them. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is the set of benefits you offer that your competitors can’t. It might be an emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly building practices, high-level client care, or skilled historical renovations.

Aim to express your USP throughout your landing page, including in your main headline, your subheadlines, your list of benefits, and your closing.

An Emphasis on Benefits

To be interested in contacting you, your prospects must understand not just what services and products you provide, but also how those products and services will benefit them. Your targeted marketing research should help you zero in on the benefits your clients are looking for. For example, basement or attic remodeling brings a homeowner increased living space to enjoy their hobbies. For a developer, your ability to handling large, complex projects can save them from costly delays.

Because most people skim when reading online, you’ll grab more attention by breaking the features and benefits of your services down into a bulleted list.

Conversion-Driving Design Elements

Visual content is critical for quickly conveying information and showcasing the quality of services you provide. Include at least one “hero shot,” an image or video that represents your services and expresses what it’s like to enjoy the benefits you offer. Additionally, images or videos of key team members help humanize your firm and build trust.

Make space in your design for social proof such as client testimonials, a list of well-known clients you’ve worked with, and data on your successes. Because it’s so valuable for building trust, this material deserves a place of prominence.

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