How To Gain “Expert” Status Online And Build Trust With Your Website Visitors

expertBefore your would-be clients entrust a construction project to you, they need to have confidence in your skills and reliability. By demonstrating your expertise, your website can build visitor trust and bring in warm leads who already have faith in your abilities.

Create Thoughtful Content

Publish content that makes your visitors think, helps them see something in a new light or inspires strong feelings.

Report on emerging trends, adding your take on how they might affect your target clients. This could mean not only trends in construction techniques and materials, but overall changes in the industry. By doing this, you position yourself as a leader in your field armed with insider information. Do it consistently and your site will become a go-to news source.

Take a firm stance on a controversial issue. Picking a side demonstrates confidence in your knowledge and decisions. You’ll draw some critics, but you’ll stand out as someone who’s put serious thought into the issues and isn’t afraid speak up for what they know is right.

Proclaim a vision for your segment of the construction industry that encompasses more than just your firm. Then declare a mission for your firm that fits into that vision. You’ll show dedication to a greater good and attract those who support your ideals.

Demonstrate Your Skills

A well designed online portfolio is one of the most effective ways to display your abilities. If you don’t have images taken by a professional architectural photographer, invest in some. Include images of buildings at various stages of completion. Showing how you solved a particular construction challenge also helps build visitor trust.

To earn your visitor’s confidence and build rapport, hold a webinar to let them hear and see you discussing relevant issues in real time.

If you’re feeling adventurous, hold a live Q&A event where you invite visitors to share their problems and you offer solutions on the spot. An event like this helps you show off your in-depth knowledge and ability to think on your feet.

To learn more ways your website can build visitor trust, contact Construction Monitor.

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