3 Offline Methods to Capture Construction Email Leads

offline lead generationEmail gives you a convenient and unobtrusive way to nurture your construction leads, but your website isn’t the only way to collect the email addresses of potential clients. With a little preparation, you can efficiently build your email list as you talk with people out in the real world.

Create a Counter Display

Everyone who comes into your main office is a potential new addition to your mailing list, but a few sign-up forms laying on the counter is unlikely to grab anyone’s attention. To help your offer stand out, create an eye-catching counter display that promotes the benefits of signing up for your newsletter, information packet or other free offer by email. Direct your receptionist to mention your offer to visitors and explain the advantages of signing up. Keep your sign-up forms simple. A name and email are all you really need at this stage.

Ask Over the Phone

If you do much cold calling, you know not every prospect will be ready to schedule an on-site sales call the first time you talk, even if they are interested in your services. Instead of just following up with a call later or worse, letting those undecided prospects slip away, ask for an email address. Putting a prospect on your mailing list not only keeps you at the top of their mind, but it also gives you a chance to build trust and familiarity. This way, when you make that follow up call, your prospect will be more amenable to meeting with you.

Host an Event

When planned carefully, an event can quickly build your email list with highly qualified construction leads. For the greatest appeal, aim to provide a clear benefit to the people in your target market, whether they’re developers or homeowners planning renovations. There are countless ways to do this, including lunch and learns, tours of in-progress or recently completed building projects, and just-for-fun events such as family mini-golf days. Collect emails during registration or as your guests enter the event.

For more tips on bringing in construction leads offline, contact us at Construction Monitor.


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