How To Convert Leads Into Customers: Email Do’s And Dont’s

do's don'tsIt’s always encouraging when a prospective construction client contacts you, but between that first email and a signed contract, there’s a lot you need to do. By honing your ability to convert leads to customers, you’ll get more ROI out of your marketing and close deals faster.

Don’t: Let emails sit for more than 24 hours.
Do: Reply promptly. If you can’t provide the information your lead wants immediately, let them know you’re working on it. Activate e-mail notifications on your phone so you can reply when you have a spare moment. To save time, prepare templates for your most common responses.

Don’t: Send the same information to every lead.
Do: Nurture each email lead in a way that’s appropriate for where they are in the buying process. If they’re just trying to get a handle on what services and unique benefits you offer, take a low-pressure, educational approach. If a prospect knows exactly what they want, then a more sales-oriented approach is warranted.

Don’t: Give up too soon.
Do: Follow up two or more times. There are a thousand reasons a genuinely interested prospect might not get back in touch with you, so it often takes persistence to convert leads to customers. It’s enough to send a quick note reminding your prospect you haven’t heard back and you’re looking forward to talking with them.

Don’t: Do it all manually
Do: Automate your follow-up and lead nurturing process by creating a series of emails designed to educate your prospects and gradually lead them toward closing a deal. Develop a series for each type of potential client, such as home remodeling prospects or commercial real estate investors. Use an email marketing service to send emails automatically.

Don’t: Over-rely on email.
Do: Set up a phone call or in-person meeting with your leads as soon as you can qualify them. These more personal interactions help build the trust and rapport your clients need to feel before they’ll decide to work with you.

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