Magnify Your Marketing Online Through A Giveaway

giveawayA key part of effective online marketing is creating offers that stand out from all the noise and distractions on the internet. Because giveaways are relatively uncommon for construction firms, running one sets you apart while also bringing in new leads.

Choose an Enticing Prize

The prize you offer doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should provide real value to the people you most want as your clients. The easiest choice is a service you already provide for a fee, such as design consultation or budget development. Offering a prize directly connected to your other construction services helps ensure your giveaway entrants are qualified leads.

You’re not limited to prizes you produce yourself, though. Team up with a related business and cross-promote your offerings. If your target clients are homeowners looking to remodel, your prize might be interior design services or a certain amount of luxury tile. If you’re targeting commercial real estate investors, consider offering a copy of a high-end investment management software program, a place in a real estate investment course or even an invitation to networking dinner.

Make sure your prize and giveaway rules comply with your area’s sweepstakes and lottery laws so you don’t end up facing fines.

Get the Word Out

No matter how attractive your prize, you’ll still have to market your giveaway. To get the most out of your efforts, plan your marketing well in advance so you’ll have the content and relationships you need in place when you launch.

One reason a giveaway is such an effective online marketing method is that it’s time-limited and, to the right people, newsworthy. Take advantage of that by contacting influential bloggers, podcasters, and social media personalities in your field. If you’re giving away a product or service purchased from someone else, reach out to them for help spreading the word.

For your own social media promotions, create a series of short videos explaining the benefits of the prize. On your entry form, include a refer-a-friend option.

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