Is Your Construction Website Missing These Key Elements?

website checklistA well-designed website can bring you new leads every week, but with so many possibilities for design, it’s easy to leave out a critical element or two. Reviewing your site for important business website elements that might be missing will quickly show you where you can improve.

A Plan for User Flow

If you want your visitors to interact with your site and contact you, to need to lead them through the process. Look at your site with your objectives in mind. These might be getting your visitors to sign up for a newsletter, download a case study or fill in a contact form. Your site design should provide a clear, logical path for visitors to take to get the information they want, learn about your services, and then supply their contact details.

Trust Elements

Features that demonstrate your credibility and expertise are among the most valuable business website elements. This starts with your business address and phone number, along with other contact methods such as Skype or your social media handles. Create an About page that offers insight into your firm’s background and ideals. Include photos of your team and don’t be afraid to throw in a candid shot or two to help humanize your firm. Provide testimonials, on video when possible, along with the logos of your satisfied clients. Any awards your firm has won deserve a prominent place on the homepage. Publishing authoritative, in-depth content such as case studies, white papers, and data analysis can help, too.

Information Capture Elements

If a form on your contact page is the only encouragement you’re offering for visitors to contact you, you’re missing out on new leads. To draw in more, offer a monthly newsletter with audience-targeted content, such as tips on planning a home renovation project or trends in sustainable building. Make some of your popular long-form content, such as case studies, available only in exchange for an email. Keep your sign-up forms as simple as possible.

For more ideas on which business website elements will benefit you most, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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