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Technology leads to partnerships between all size organizations and their software service providers. When you invest in construction software with a solid service provider, that company is also investing in you. Your specific needs can lead to technology development that will benefit others. Your success opens other doors for your software service provider.

This year, California-based Alice Technologies can cite construction software success stories nationally and globally. In September, architectural and engineering firm Shimizu Corporation announced its implementation of Alice software. Shimizu is among the 20 largest contractors in the world.

Using Construction Software Yields Greater Efficiency

Alice’s software is an optioneering platform that allows contractors to utilize data and compare their plans to construction options during different phases such as bidding, preconstruction and more. …The software can additionally generate corrective schedules automatically if the project falls behind or suffers delays.
Construction Dive

An optioneering construction software platform uses data analytics to provide an intensive review of approaches to consider for a construction project or phase. Two words you’ll use a lot when working with this software are “options” and “alternatives.”

Construction software technology can offer numerous money-saving and eco-friendlier construction project choices.

Another advantage of the Alice software is its ability to help contractors transition from an older workforce to less experienced newcomers. It can help your new hires get up to speed faster and with greater effectiveness.

Shimizu spokesperson Shuntaro Kano said Alice can simulate “thousands of ways” to build a complex project. Using its analytics, project managers can revise schedules and save money. “The platform gives us the ability to experiment with different choices and run what-if analyses to find the optimal way to build,” concluded Kano.

It’s All About You

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