Construction Jobs for Our Veterans

Construction Jobs

“Nobody wants to work.”

You hear it often enough, but it isn’t exactly true. This generation of workers has different values and goals than those of previous eras. It’s easy to complain, but developing solutions is more satisfying.

The talent shortage and our national skills gap have impacted construction jobs at every level of operations. One solution to unfilled construction jobs is recruiting and hiring veterans.

Qualities Veterans Bring To Construction Jobs

Including the American Revolution, the United States has participated in 107 wars. We are currently involved with several ongoing conflicts throughout the world. The 2022 Veterans Day celebrations were rich with experiences from veterans of all ages and the common denominators often cited were skills and work ethics these people acquired during their service.

Today’s construction jobs must accommodate employees’ needs and develop their strengths. But our veterans already have strengths and skills that add value to construction jobs, including:

  • Advanced technology training
  • Business-beneficial core values
  • Flexibility
  • Inclusion-oriented
  • Leadership skills
  • Management experience
  • Motivation
  • Respect for diversity
  • Results-oriented work ethics
  • Self-direction
  • Stress management abilities
  • Teamwork/collaborative proficiencies

Recruiting Veterans For Construction Jobs

When people love what they do and where they work, they are happy to share information about their careers with others. Encourage personnel within your company to recommend construction jobs to their ex-military friends and family members.

On your website pages, add information about priority hiring for veterans. Create a tab, especially for job-seeking veterans, and cite the skills veterans have that your company values and needs. On that page, your contact information should be directed to the HR professionals that are focused on hiring veterans.

U.S. Air Force Reserves lieutenant colonel and attorney Wendy Buckingham says when posting job descriptions, identify jobs that can use military experience and talent. You should also take advantage of opportunities to reach out to veterans at job fairs, especially military career expos.

Veteran Jobs Mission is an organization that strives to unite veterans and their spouses with veteran-friendly employers. You can connect with them for additional information about recruiting veterans for construction jobs.

Someone in your company is excited about being a part of your organization. That’s the person you can recruit to develop business opportunities using our data analytics. For details, contact Construction Monitor.

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