Refining Your Construction Business Brand

Construction Business Brand

There’s sometimes confusion about the definition of “brand.” The best and most-used example is this: A brand is not the logo identity and design of a box of cornflakes. The brand is what’s inside the box: the cereal’s reputation for consistency, integrity, and value.

Your brand is the way your clients connect to what you do. Perhaps more importantly, your brand leaves such an impression that it’s what they think of first, when considering construction business service and support.

Are you wondering if your company has a brand identity? It does.

Customers have perceptions about every company, large, small, and in-between. Branding applies to all of our organizations. Every level of operations – not “just” the marketing department – shapes your brand. Every customer service and product deliverable along with personnel represent your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Your brand is who gets the job done, how well it was done, and how customers feel about it. Digital marketing professional Christina Throndson says identifying what customers want is a good way to fine-tune construction business branding.

Your strengths should include:

  1. Authenticity – Transparency is more than a buzzword. Customers want to know about and respect your company’s values.
  2. Trustworthiness – Customers prefer long-lasting relationships. They will be most like to partner with and pay more for products/services from trusted companies.
  3. Consistency – The quality of your work should remain consistent. But your brand should also be presented consistently. One study says steady and solid reinforcement of your brand is a strategy that can increase revenues by as much as 33%.

Winter is a great time to focus on your brand. Some companies use off-season marketing to put plans in place for the entire year and beyond.

Construction Business 2023

If you’re one of the people that eagerly awaits the Pantone Color of the Year reveal (2023 is Viva Magenta 18-1750), you’ll appreciate reading about the 2022 Construction Dive Holiday Lights winners:

  • Superior Construction – Portage, Indiana, corporate office
  • Walsh/Fluor joint venture – Chicago Transit Authority’s Red and Purple Modernization Phase One project
  • Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation – Headquarters display, Genoa City, Wisconsin
  • PCL – Office light competition, Denver

Construction Monitor wishes all of you a happy holiday season and we are eagerly looking forward to next year’s industry evolution. If you’d like some marketing ideas for 2023 construction business branding, contact Construction Monitor.

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