5 Tips To Increase Construction Jobsite Performance

Construction Jobsite Performance

When a construction project flows smoothly and efficiently without complications it’s perfect; seamless. We know from experience that one small glitch can have a huge cascading effect leading to delays, greater safety risks, and cost increases. One way to mitigate project problems is by understanding and improving construction jobsite performance.

Improving Construction Jobsite Performance, Efficiency

Maintaining a clean, clutter-free worksite reduces the risk of injury. This is a basic safety precaution that can keep your project on track. Other ways to increase construction jobsite performance include:

  1. Communication – Miscommunicated plans are likely the primary cause of screw-ups. If you cultivate a culture of “no fear,” workers will feel free to seek clarification and offer feedback. This can improve project performance immensely.
  2. Equipment – A well-oiled machine runs better and lasts longer and equipment breakdowns can also pose safety hazards. Effective training for operators and ongoing maintenance is key to maximizing equipment performance.
  3. Materials management – Using historical data, you can fine-tune the procurement process but even the most dependable suppliers are supply-chain-challenged. Ordering in bulk is recommended for those who can oversee the inventory. And don’t forget waste management.
  4. Planning – Measure twice; cut once. Effective plans emphasize more than what and when; it includes who and how. Every task should have delegated ownership. And your plan can and should be continuously refined.
  5. Technology – Project management software saves money and streamlines the way we work, making our jobs more efficient. Technology investments, including mobile devices, can make a huge difference. AI, BIM, drones, and more are what will engage and retain today’s construction workforce, but remember, without proper training and dedicated daily use, even the best technology may wind up in the closet.

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