Construction Project Planning Hardware for AEC

BIM (building information modeling) software is critical to your company. But architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) workstation hardware and equipment are another investment that calls for careful consideration. Here are some takeaways from a Construction Business Owner whitepaper you may want to download.

Before you invest in BIM hardware:

  1. Multiple users and their requirements call for scrutiny to determine what type of equipment you need. One user may run graphics processing applications, but another needs a high-speed CPU (central processing unit).
  2. CPU performance is most important. Get the latest and greatest CPU generation you can afford. Maximum core clock speed is the most important feature.
  3. GPUs (graphic processing units) should meet your IT team’s need for manufacturer’s support and risk tolerance.
  4. File transfer speed and storage can maximize time and save money. NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) solid-state drives (SSDs) are faster than SATA SSDs and about 30 times faster than hard disk drives.
  5. Displays are key. You need ample screen space to review models and multiple users often have documents open, communication channels active, and modeling software running concurrently. Laptops can’t offer the visual performance of high-resolution monitors.

One of the final whitepaper insights is that BIM gurus aren’t the only ones needing solid hardware:

Systems need to be responsive and meet the demands of the entire project team without causing delays and wait times, and project managers sometimes get forgotten about. Project managers are integral parts of the coordination and BIM management efforts. They need a workstation that can not only handle model navigation and manipulation but also, potentially, be able to do this and other tasks at the same time.

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