Construction Business Success: Be a Shark

construction business success

Sharks have a bad reputation and much of it is earned. But their predator status benefits us by promoting ocean health by balancing the underwater diversity and recycling nutrients. Author and motivational coat Walter Bond says his shark mindset can be the model for construction business success.

Using the ‘Sacred Six’ In Your Construction Business

Sharks are nothing if not adaptable. That in itself makes them a good role model for all leaders, but Bond says sharks also work with and develop others. He says there are 6 shark-like traits that you can use in your organization:

  1. Always be curious – Sharks don’t attack indiscriminately. Most shark attacks on humans are accidents; they usually “hit and run” upon discovering their prey is human. Never lose and continually develop curiosity and excitement about learning. That’s how we grow and improve.
  2. Be flexible – Sometimes the right decision feels like the highest risk when it’s more about making an attitude adjustment. Sharks can change direction quickly. They can survive in diverse water temperatures and swim in deep or shallow waters. Reluctance is often driven by past decisions, but don’t let your mistakes define you.
  3. Help others – Suckerfish attach to sharks and destroy parasites. In exchange for providing a free ride to the suckerfish, sharks allow them to eat leftover meal scraps. Once upon a time, you were a suckerfish and maybe someone helped you. Pay it forward by being an empathetic, people-focused leader.
  4. Look ahead; look up – Sharks don’t waste time examining what’s behind or beneath them. Your attitude is the only thing that can stop you from succeeding in most situations, says Bond. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.
  5. Never stop moving forward – Sharks’ gills need constant water circulation. This means they have to keep moving and they can’t swim backwards. Seek forward movement to make progress and gain a competitive edge.
  6. Respect other sharks – The construction business is your business, but you shouldn’t be intimidated or threatened by others’ successes. Rather than fret about too many sharks in the ocean, some species team to take down larger fish. Look for influencers and cultivate those that could use help. Respectful alliances usually result in more rewarding, long-term successes.

The shark mindset means you never stop moving forward, you always look ahead, and you’re always curious. Are you curious about ways to increase business using data customized for your construction business? Contact Construction Monitor.

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