modular construction

5 Important Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular construction continues to increase in popularity for many construction professionals. It involves building important sections of a  structure off-site, usually in a factory-style setting, then assembling those pre-made “modules” on site to create a fully functional structure.

modular construction

There are several benefits of modular construction for both client and contractor, including:

  1. Increased availability: Construction companies are increasingly turning to modular construction for some part of their projects. Some 35 percent of construction companies are incorporating prefabrication into building design, according to information from the management construction firm FMI, cited by reporter Adam Groff on the Construction Global website. FMI also noted 40 percent of firms are using prefabrication and expected to use it more in the future.
  2. Cost savings: Prefabrication can reduce the cost of a construction project by a significant amount. Since the prefabrication process is less wasteful, material costs are lower. Quicker build times mean reduced labor costs and fewer cost and schedule overruns.
  3. Better quality control: The factory-based process for building prefabricated segments of a structure provides for high levels of quality control. Since all construction is carefully planned and executed, there are no last-minute problems or conflicts that mean costly delays or revisions of building plans. Building materials and projects are protected from the elements, eliminating potential damage from rain, ice, or sunlight.
  4. Faster completion: A modular project can be completed much faster and with greater efficiency than a project pieced together on site. Instead of putting together hundreds or thousands of individual pieces, assembling a modular project requires connecting only a few large-scale components.
  5. Environmental friendliness: Modular construction can be better for the environment since the process requires less waste of material and less consumption of energy. Less fuel is needed for moving equipment and materials, which means there is less pollution produced on the construction site. Modular processes support recycling of materials for other projects.

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12 thoughts on “5 Important Benefits of Modular Construction”

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  2. That’s a good point you make about how a modular home can be created much quicker and with more efficiency than a traditional home. I’ve heard that modular homes typically seem to offer better insulation and require you to pay less on your energy bill each month. I’ll be sure to remember this great information as my wife and I consider our options for houses when we move this summer.

  3. I really like the idea of modular construction, especially for commercial buildings. I think that along with all the other benefits, having high levels of quality control for a building is very important. Its cool that they can construct something without having to expose the inside to the elements!

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  5. What we have experienced is that modular construction has advantages due to areas of build work are separated and not hindered by other areas of the build.

    The build dependencies can be prioritised by the project management such that all modular areas are carried out quickly and efficiently.

  6. Faster completion times and environmentally friendly are both points which i back with modular construction, time is always an issue with any project and for me its always the number one priority for clients.

  7. I found it interesting when you talked about the environmental friendliness of modular construction. It makes sense since it requires less material and energy. My uncle asked me to investigate construction alternatives for his new project and this does seem like a great idea. I’ll try and get in touch with a manufacturer for more information. Thank you!

  8. I loved how you mentioned that prefabrication can reduce the cost of construction projects. My brother is working on a construction project at his work in the next couple of weeks, and he was telling me a couple of nights ago about how he wanted to know some alternatives. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him so he can look into modular construction services for his project.

  9. Thank you for sharing great article. Modular construction indeed will speed up the work and it would allow the contractor to be more efficient with his work. More people should consider it. I really love first to consult with any company like lizbenconsult dot com who is giving architectural design service. Why? Because they will give you all design, estimates and overall view of your project which you are going to start in future.

  10. The idea of modular construction is very interesting. Along with all of the other advantages, I believe that having high levels of quality control for a structure is critical.

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