Using Geo-Targeted Marketing To Build Your Client Base

geo-targetingThe better you show you’re able to meet a prospective client’s needs, the more likely that prospect is to trust you with their construction project. With geo-targeted marketing, you’ll find more of your ideal clients while also demonstrating your awareness of their needs.

Focus Your Efforts with Paid Search Advertising

Geo-targeted marketing is the use of geographic data to fine-tune your marketing. In practice, it often means directing specific marketing messages towards individual cities, states or regions. Because managing a construction project requires knowledge of local geographic conditions as well as regulations and codes, those looking to hire a construction firm frequently search using location-related terms.

One of the fastest ways so get your firm’s name in front of those searchers is through pay-per-click (PPC) ad networks. These networks, which include Google Adwords and Yahoo! Bing ads, let you bid on specific search terms in order to appear in the search results.

If you’re in the South and specialize in residential construction, you might bid on phrases such as “Atlanta historic home renovation” or “Skidaway Island remodeler.” To pick up even more local leads, experiment with names of neighborhoods, famous streets, and landmarks, as well as ZIP codes.

Design Location-Specific Landing Pages

Creating a webpage specifically for each city or area you’re targeting has several advantages. First, it helps optimize your site to show up in online searches for location-specific terms.

Secondly, it lets you demonstrate local expertise and start building a more personal connection with your visitors. You’ll be able to address in detail the specific concerns and issues that might arise in that location.

It’s particularly important if you decide to use PPC ads in your geo-targeted marketing mix. Sending your visitor from a location-specific ad and to a location-specific webpage keeps your message consistent and professional, and reduces distractions.

For the highest conversion rates, focus your page on getting your visitor to take one definite action, such as filling in a contact form or signing up to download a free information.

To learn more about using geo-targeted marketing, contact us at Construction Monitor.

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