Using Storytelling To Build Your Construction Business

the power of storytellingWhile the topic of construction might feel a little dry and technical, when viewed the right way, it’s rich with potential for captivating stories. Marketing through storytelling lets you build rapport with your target clients and bring in business in a way no advertisement can.

Humanize Your Story

The stories you tell about your business need to do more than just state facts. Successfully marketing through storytelling takes stories that connect with your target clients on an emotional level. To do that, focus on the human side.

Any significant event in your firm’s history can work as a marketing story. For example, you might take your audience through the adventure of refurbishing that old house that won your firm an award from the state Remodelers Council, then explain how you can use the same skills to help your future clients.

When you’ve chosen your stories, you have to tell them in a concise and compelling way. Video is a good bet if you have enough footage, but photo essays and even well-formatted blogs posts can do the job. Share your stories on your blog, your social media accounts, and in your email newsletter.

This kind of content holds attention while building an emotional bond, making potential clients more likely to see your team as relatable people they want to connect with.

Share Your Clients’ Stories

Ultimately, your clients want to know what you can do for them. There are few more powerful ways to show them than by sharing the stories of your most satisfied clients. By talking about your clients’ goals and challenges, and how they used your services to overcome those challenges and reach their goals, you show your would-be clients what’s possible for them.

Find a few of your best clients who are willing to communicate their stories through in-depth interviews, photos, and video. Make your clients the heroes of your marketing stories and you can spread the word about your skills while also building a deeper connection with your audience.


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