Planning Your Content Strategy Blueprint is Cruicial

content strategyThe content you publish online helps you attract new construction clients by showcasing your skills and positioning your company as a source of expert guidance. To get the full benefit of content marketing, though, you need a strategy to ensure all your content works together to turn casual browsers into clients.

Content that Gets Results

Without a plan in place, it’s all too easy to whip up whatever content you think might interest your target audience. This haphazard approach often leads to a random collection of blog posts that does little to convert clients. With a clear content strategy, you’ll be able to create the exact types of content you need to guide your readers from one stage of the buying cycle to the next. You’ll develop an organized body of content with each piece working together toward a goal.

If you build warehouses, you might attract potential clients with introductory content on how to tell when a business needs a new warehouse or what to consider when planning one. This content then leads your readers into the research stage with more in-depth material, such as tips on prioritizing warehouse features. Here you might invite them to join your email list or download a lead magnet. That content, in turn, encourages your readers to contact you about starting their project.

A Broader Reach

Having a strategy for what to do with newly created content helps you get your work in front of as many potential clients as possible. Your strategy guides you on how and where to share your content to reach your target audience and specific goals.

If your content strategy involves offering home renovation inspiration, you might choose Houzz, Facebook, and Instagram for promotion. Then after you publish a blog post, you’ll know to pick an image and caption from the post to share with your social media followers instead of sitting there wondering what to do with your new content.

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