How to Use Construction Data to Drive Your Paid Search Plan

paid search plan

Do you ever feel as if you know just enough about advertising options to be confused but not enough to be effective? That’s how business owners in every industry segment feel at some point, including companies that depend on construction data for jobs.

“In order to win business, you have to submit bids,” says author Sarah Danks. “In order to submit bids, you have to have leads to send them to.”

It’s a fairly simple concept, but the logistics can be tricky. To find leads, you use construction data. But you also need an internet advertising strategy that lets leads find you.

Construction Data for Paid Search

Paid search advertising – also known as CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions), PPC (pay-per-click) and SEM (search engine marketing) – is a win-win. You only pay for those ads that are seen (clicked). To generate interest, you embed keywords in your content.

Here’s an example: Your construction data service reports an older section of your town has been awarded historical status. Several grants and incentives are being put in place to encourage homeowners to restore their properties. This is a great opportunity for them to upgrade their plumbing, insulation, or heating/cooling systems.

These homeowners will be looking for help before remodeling/building permits are filed. They are going to be looking for your products and services. Keywords are important, but one marketing solutions professional says the only way to guarantee your company is front and center is with paid search ads.

Your construction data informed you about the market shift in that area. Now it’s up to you to take advantage. The potential customer is going to be searching for products and services that are your specialty. With paid search, you’ll be there when they’re looking.

You’ll Understand What They’re Looking for…And What They Need

Construction data can reveal industry trends in your area of the country. You can see what your competitors are doing and learn more about customer personas and buyer profiles. You can see what may be missing and fill that gap. It’s called “informed marketing” and it’s the engine that drives your business development and advertising.

You shouldn’t have to wade through irrelevant data. Construction Monitor customizes the information for you. Contact us to learn more.

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