SOSDCB: Same Old Services, Different Construction Business

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“Effective and efficient.”

“The best.”

“We care.”

Does any company within any industry in the United States ever say otherwise? Have you ever seen a blog or website that reads:

“We’ve been late a few times, but it really wasn’t our fault,”


“We have to price our construction business services higher than Fly By Night Remodeling because we include workers’ family medical and dental insurance, 401K options, and the owner’s wife likes to travel.”

Lowball bidding for construction services is a strategy that works. It’s just not the best strategy for getting A-list jobs. You want a portfolio with quality work that lets your construction business shine; that sets you apart from competitors. Your construction business strategy can be different and better.

Here are suggestions to solidify your presence in a highly competitive industry. Your construction business can become a standout when your presentations include:

  • Asking questions – What are your most important criteria that will determine selection? What other companies are bidding? And the last, most important question is, what would it take to win this contract right now?
  • Building trust face-to-face – It’s not a new strategy, but it still works well. Seeking new customers, “wining and dining,” and not just handing out box-seat tickets but attending events with your new clients lets them get to know who you are. Small talk reinforces the values your company represents, which builds trust and wins better business.
  • Finding out what really matters – Price is seldom the determining factor in a quality job. Your subcontractor selections, reputation for problem-solving, and other factors may weigh heavily in the decision-making process. If you really want this job, rather than submit the bid online or by phone, meet with the potential client.

Construction Monitor

We are affordable, dependable, effective and efficient, and the best at what we do. But don’t take our word for it. Ask for opinions from valued construction business resources, read testimonials, and check out current news about Construction Monitor.

Then contact Construction Monitor. Our marketing professionals care about your construction business. Let us prove it.

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