3 Principles for a Better Construction Business

Better Construction Business

Construction challenges are nothing new. But the issues we’re now facing are different. Labor, materials, supply chain, and yes pandemics impact architectural construction business companies as much – maybe more – than contractors. 

One thing that never changes in any construction business is customer care. CX (customer experience) company Client Savvy notes if clients expect superior customer sat when buying an $8 box of chicken nuggets, shouldn’t they expect the same when spending $800,000 on a construction project?

Here are 3 best practices for AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) and construction business professionals:

1. Keep Project Planning Flexible

Remember, people are your most valuable resource. Respect clients’ and employees’ experiences equally using collaborative feedback. The ability to accommodate change will always be critical in construction business development, so be prepared to make adjustments quickly. No whining.

2. Prioritize Relationship-Building

If your CX is foundering, try going back to the beginning. Perhaps reviewing your company’s original mission statement and priorities is another way of going “back to the future.”

Signs you’re on the right track include:

  • Clients make efforts to compliment work
  • Employees take pride in their work
  • Fewer invoice disputes
  • Positive feedback
  • Referrals
  • Repeat business
  • You hear “thank you” a lot

3. Remember Marketing

When you have more business than you can handle it’s easy to let business development slide. Marketing is another way of communicating. It keeps you visible so when potential clients are thinking about project development, they will recognize your brand.

Customers may choose you, but you should also select the types of customers for which you want to work. Are their company values similar to yours? Understanding what motivates each customer is key to knowing if you can – or even want to – deliver.

Meanwhile, continue to nurture loyal clients. Following project phases and post-milestones use an email communications system that seeks their input. Asking long-time, as well as new clients for feedback, tells them you value the relationship.

Another important marketing tip is to consult Construction Monitor marketing pros for ideas and free marketing samples. Building permit data is often used to create marketing strategies that will create business. Ask us how. Contact Construction Monitor.

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